About Frances

FrancesBorn in Leicester, I gained a Fine Art degree and teaching qualification at Manchester Polytechnic.

I have exhibited with the Royal Academy and the Manchester Academy. Whilst working freelance as a illustrator for architects and advertising agencies, I exhibited in several other galleries in the Manchester area.

Now living in Kendal, Cumbria, I work from home and in association with Green Door Studio artists. I still do some freelance work but now concentrate primarily on my own work. I am very interested in exploring the printing process, especially collographs, and also in ceramics and machine embroidery.

My main field remains painting  – watercolour, gouache and oil pastel, acrylic – all fascinate me and draw me into the exploration of new approaches and techniques. I love the wilderness areas, walking and gardening. Colour and light are important to me and provide the stimulus for many of my recent paintings. I am also drawn increasingly to more abstract expression of the landscapes and forms which have always attracted me.

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